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ANGEL WITHOUT WINGS is a fresh and compelling personal insight into an aviation scandal which continues to this day; exposing, through the harrowing personal story of Susan Michaelis, an inconvenient truth about health hazards on modern jet aircraft - revealing an appalling on-going cover-up by many airlines and aviation manufacturers. There are few other professions where the lives of so many people are entrusted to the hands and wits of just one person as in a modern passenger plane. The fact that Michaelis' extraordinary research and dogged persistence has exposed solid health risks posed to passengers and crew by acknowledged 'toxic fume events' on well-known passenger aircraft and that the issue still continues to be ignored is a scandal. This film is an absolute must-see for anyone who flies.
Ross Coulthard - Award-winning journalist.

Angel Without Wings    2011     

'Angel Without Wings' is the in-depth story of one extraordinary pilot who lost her career and health to what many say is aviation's biggest cover up and her amazing 13 year quest for answers and change. An 'inconvenient truth' of the skies.


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Did you know?

No commercial jet aircraft flies with any form of contaminated air detection system fitted and yet apart from the Boeing 787 all supply air unfiltered air to breath taken directly from the compressor section of the engines.

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