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Shady Lady  

(2012 - Documentary - 87 or 52 Mins)     

Narration: Michael Dorn


'Shady Lady' is the epic story of the B-24 Liberator aircraft called 'Shady Lady' that set off from Darwin on Friday, 13 August 1943 on what was at that time the world's longest ever bombing mission of WWII to the oil refineries at Balikpapan, Borneo.

Shortly before running out of fuel, 'Shady Lady' was crash landed on a remote salt pan in Northern Western Australia after flying for 16 hours and 35 minutes. With help from the Aboriginal Community, 'Shady Lady' amazingly flew again. A 'Presidential Citation' for the crew, was re-issued in June 2011 to acknowledge their outstanding bravery and courage.

To fully discover and relive the remarkable 'Shady Lady' story, review the 'Flight Plan' and read the detailed 'Last Log' of this historical flight written by the aircraft navigator John Nash.

'Shady Lady' was part of the 380th Bombardment Group which flew B-24 bombers in the South West and Western Pacific areas in WWII.

Known as the FLYING CIRCUS and as the KING OF THE HEAVIES, the 380th went overseas in April 1943 and was placed under the control of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and assigned to the Australian North West Area Command operating out of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

The film is based on research from the expert Australian historian Mr. Lindsay Peet, who sadly passed away without seeing the film and on research by author Mr. Glenn R. Horton.


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Production Details

'Shady Lady' Images from 1943

Photos c/o David Halaas


Shady Lady Film Score Recording
(Edited by Moritz Schmittat)

BBC TV Coverage - 9th October 2012
(Courtesy and © BBC)

BBC TV Coverage - 17th December 2011
(Courtesy and © BBC)

BBC TV Coverage - 1st December 2011
(Courtesy and © BBC)

Shady Lady     - Thanks, News and Reviews      

The producers are grateful to our principal sponsors PTTEP AA, Shorelands Group and The Collings Foundation. We are also appreciative for the support given to us by CHC Helicopters, QANTAS, Project Y, historian Lindsay Peet, author Glenn R. Horton, Barbara Gotham, the 380th Bomb Group Association, Bevan Stott, Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation (WGAC), Professional Public Relations and many many others for their kind and gernerous enthusiasm in the research and production assistance in the making of this feature length documentary film.

News and Reviews...

29 November 2012 - Shady Lady reviewed in 'Parky at the Pictures' in the Oxford Times.

16 November 2012 - Shady Lady said to be a 'documentary that is punching well above its weight' in the Aviation Historian.

11 November 2012 - Shady Lady says the film is an 'illuminating drama' and scores 6.5/10 in 'Every Film in 2012' review by Neil White.

10 November 2012 - ''Shady Lady' hits America' on ITV Meridian News

08 November 2012 - Shady Lady said to be 'full of nail-biting stuff' in the Daily Express

06 November 2012 - Shady Lady sets her sights on an Oscar - Pilot Magazine (December issue 2012 - page 12)

23 October 2012 - Shady Lady is said to be 'British film making at it’s best' - The Resident

20 October 2012 - Thriller catches president’s eye - The Argus - Reporter: Ben Leo

18 October 2012 - Red carpet rolled out for Shady Lady world film premiere in Horsham - West Sussex County Times

October 2012 - UK Premiere of Shady Lady in Southwater Life (p10-11)

October 2012 - Shady Lady in Australian Aviation magazine (p84-85)

October 2012 -  Global Music Awards - Shady Lady wins Award of Excellence for composition and Award of Merit for sound mixing/editing.

October 2012 - Composer Moritz Schmittat nominated for the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the category: ORIGINAL SCORE - FEATURE FILM (Theatrical Release)

30 September 2012 - The Times Herald - ‘Shady Lady’ documentary depicts local WWII airman’s historic mission

September 2012 - The 'Shady Lady' story was covered in AVIATRIX AEROGRAM magazine.

September 2012 - Music score reviewed in BSO Spirit (In Spanish).

August 2012 - Aviation's leading industry magazine Flightglobal had this to say about the 'Shady Lady' film: The longest night. And day. In a Liberator.

The Australian newspaper covered the 'Shady Lady' story as a major feature story in 2011 during filming: Shady Lady's worlds collide again on a Kimberley saltpan.

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Did you know?

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was an American heavy bomber, designed by Consolidated Aircraft Company of San Diego, California. The B-24 first flew on 29 December 1939. The B-24 ended World War II as the most produced Allied heavy bomber in history, and the most produced American military aircraft at over 18,000 units.

'Shady Lady' was a B-24D model Liberator with serial number 42-40369 which first flew on 17 February 1943.


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