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Flying Sheilas

31 North 62 East Film

80 min

‘Flying Sheilas’ is an amazing insight into the stories of eight Australian female military and commercial pilots, depicting their extraordinary flying careers and the visual spectacle of where they were fortunate enough to live and work in Australia and beyond.


Their stories are intertwined through the career of Melbourne born pilot, Susan Michaelis, who introduces each of them and how they played a part in her career. 

The Flying Sheila's stories are told through the eyes of Susan Michaelis, who learnt to fly at Moorabbin in Victoria in the mid 1980s.


Susan, the winner of the CAA Sir Donald Anderson trophy spent her early aviation career flying throughout the Northern Territory Top End and in the Kimberleys, Western Australia then going on to fly in the Qantas Regional network for many years.


It is her remarkable story of how the various Flying Sheilas crossed her path and played a part in her life that is central to this unique documentary. 

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The Flying Sheilas:

Nancy Bird Walton AO, OBE

Deborah Lawrie

Robyn Williams

Susan Michaelis

Melissa Blain

Christine Davy MBE

Sally Muggeridge

Robyn May

Sally Penwell

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