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The Frontier: Ukraine

2018      57 mins

A JTEC / Fact Not Fiction Films co-production, The Frontier: Ukraine is an investigative documentary that follows two bold filmmakers, John Taylor and Elliott Crawford, as they explore the realities of the war in Ukraine and document the crash of MH17 soon after it was shot down.

Delving into the social costs, the deaths, and the irreparable destruction to the relationship between the east and west of the country, The Frontier: Ukraine exposes the true realities of a contemporary conflict happening on Europe’s doorstep.

The Frontier: Ukraine discloses specialist opinion and detailed analysis of footage taken at the MH17 crash site answering some of the disputed questions surrounding the dreadful disaster.

With the war in Ukraine raging for nearly a year now, significant media coverage of the major events has taken place worldwide. The Frontier: Ukraine tells the real stories of the people and shares the horrors of living in a warzone.

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