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The Residency

58 mins    (2018)

Five of Britain's most talented emerging painters have arrived in Nuremberg, Germany for a unique and challenging experience.


Invited by the leading brush manufacture in the world, da Vinci, the artists have been specially selected from five of the leading art institutes in the UK. They take creative inspiration from their new city of residence as they begin their time in the residency.

The artists' objective is to produce and curate a series of original artworks in time for an exclusive public display at the Atelier-und Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremberg.


Directed by Monika Grassl.

Artists: Dr Suzi Morris, Jonathan Kelly, Melody Park, Sam Stopford, David Schroeter

Executive Producers: Hermann Meyer, Adrian G. Pop, Chris Rangel.


Completed: February 2018.

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